CloneBoard Mini Description

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Measuring only 210mm x 50mm, the CloneBoard Mini is an Atmel 2560 based – Sailfish Firmware compatible controller using the same form factor as that used by the Melzi.

CB Mini.jpg

The board offers the potential to control a single extruder and X,Y, Z axes using Allegro A4982 digipot controlled stepper drivers.

To complement the CloneBoard Mini, a interface panel has been designed to allow you to control your machine without the need for a separate computer.

CBM Interface.jpg

The CloneBoard Mini Interface is designed to be used with any HD44780 compatible 20×4 LCD. The interface panel includes manually adjustable contrast adjustment, a full size SD card reader, speaker, error indicating LEDs and 5-button navigation.

The interface panel connects to the CloneBoard Mini using a single 26-pin IDC cable.


Although designed for 24V operation, it is possible to power the CloneBoard Mini using a 12V power supply.